Vocabulary “CRIME”

Blackmail – шантаж, вымогательство
She said she’d send the photos to a newspaper if the actor didn’t pay her a lot of money.

Bribery – взяточничество
A builder offered a mayor a free apartment in return for a favor.

Burglary – кража со взломом
We came home from vacation and found that our TV was gone.

Theft – воровство, кража
Someone stole my car last night from outside my house. 

Robbery – кража (с применением насилия), разбой
An armed man walked into a bank and shouted, “Hands up!”

Mugging – хулиганство, уличный грабеж
A man held up a knife and made me give him a wallet.

Kidnapping – похищение людей
A gang took a rich man’s son and asked a family for money.

Drug dealing – торговля наркотиками
Someone tried to sell me illegal pills at the concert.

Smuggling – контрабанда
When the border police searched his car it was full of cigarettes. 

Forgery – фальсификация, подделка
Someone copied my handwriting and signed my name to a check. 

Fraud – мошенничество
A woman transferred company money into her own bank account.

Hijacking – угон самолета, судна
A passenger on a flight made the pilot land in the desert.

Murder – убийство
She went to her ex-husband’s house and shot him dead.

Terrorism – терроризм
Two men left a bomb in the supermarket parking lot.

Vandalism – вандализм
Someone threw paint on the statue in the park.


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